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Nearly 70% or eighty-five million American households have pets. They add a spark to our lives and love us without reservations. Having said that, owning pets can be tricky, particularly when the cleanliness of your house is concerned.

Puppies that are not yet potty-trained or sick can easily urinate indoors. Even well-trained pets experience occasional accidents. Aside from the stains that their mess causes, you also have to deal with the terrible emanating odor. You might think that handling the cleaning personally is a walk in the park, but do you know that this can cause more harm than good?

Negative Impact of DIY Pet Stain Removal

The correct techniques must be applied when dealing with pet stains. Many do-it-yourself cleaning routines only deal with the surface stains, and after some time, the odor returns stronger than before. The reason for this is because urine seeps deep into your rug’s fibers.
Also, pet urine has acidic substances such as ammonia, uric acid, among others. When pet urine dries on your carpet, it leaves behind tiny crystals of these highly acidic chemicals deep within the fabric. For as long as they are not dealt with, the foul odor will be constant in your house.

Why Get a Professional Pet Stain Removal Service in Watsonville TX?

Pet stain removal companies are adept at handling a variety of pet stains and odors, even the ones that are already dried. Why is it recommended to use these proven pet removal companies?

Deep Carpet & Pad Cleaning
The key to an effective pet stain removal is to go deep into the fibers of the carpet. Proficient pet stain removal experts utilize safe commercial-grade stain removal gear to get deep into the carpet fibers and obliterate the pet feces and urine. With the use of special UV light, they can easily detect areas of pet accidents in your carpet, upholstery, and rug.

Kill all Bacteria & Urine Protein
Pet urine and feces contain a wide variety of harmful bacteria and germs that pose a risk to humans. It also contains acidic compounds that begin to damage your carpet with time. By using enhanced enzymes, pet stain removal specialists break down the proteins in the urine and the bacteria. That way, you get to ensure the safety of your loved ones and preserve the quality of your carpet.

Maintain a Clean and Safe Environment
Professional pet stain removal makes use of non-toxic, and hypoallergenic cleaning solutions. With the skills they have garnered, getting rid of the pet stains and odor is a piece of cake. This leaves you with a clean house that is safe for both your family and pet. Also, the good news is that the problematic smell would be gone.

Get a Professional Pet Stain Removal in Watsonville TX by contacting Omega Steam TODAY!
Pet stains that are not properly cleaned will make your carpet look unkempt. It will also cause odor issues and pose a health risk to your family members. With a professional pet stain removal by your side, getting rid of the stain and bad smell just got a whole lot easier


Pet stain removal in Watsonville TX
Pet stain removal in Watsonville TX