Mattress Cleaning and Bed Bugs

mattress cleaning services in Arlington TexasHorror! A few days ago we went into panic in our house – I thought we had bed bugs. Thankfully, it turned out to be a rogue mozzie munching his merry way around the house. Rather inhumanely I squashed him…I wasn’t feeling very charitable at the time.

The bed-bug incident, however, inspired a good old clean of the mattresses and bedding. Bed bugs are not something I really want to see in my home, so I try hard to keep the mattresses clean and the bedding aired.

Daily I air and make all the beds; weekly everyone gets new pyjamas. Twice a month I change the duvet covers, pillow covers and undersheets; monthly I vacuum the mattresses and turn them.

This may seem a little excessive, but pick up a cushion from your sofa and give it a good bang. How much dust hurtles out? I’d guess a fair bit, even if you bash your cushions fairly often.

Fabric gathers dust like a magnet gathers paperclips; a mattress is no different. Even if you don’t have allergies, if you leave your mattress unattended for long enough, you too will start to sniffle and sneeze.

If you don’t often clean your mattress, I would recommend going to whole-hog first and go for professional mattresses cleaning in Arlington TX. A bit of advice: get the cleaner in in the morning, so that your bed is dry and ready to sleep in the same night.

Steam cleaning will remove dirt and stains that appear either when something is spilled, or on an unaired mattress. Our bodies create moisture that hangs around when the mattress isn’t aired – which is why you see those brown tidemarks appearing.

With the steam-cleaned mattress all beautifully clean, you can start to put some systems in place to prevent the need for another steam-clean for up to a year.

Most importantly, air your bed. Each day, when you wake up, throw your duvet back, to leave the undersheet uncovered. Go shower and get dressed, have breakfast, then make your bed before you leave the house. Drying your mattress after you’ve slept in it all night will prevent brown stains and keep you and your mattress healthy.

To get rid of dust mites, once a month sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and leave it for a couple of hours then vacuum thoroughly; turn the mattress and do the same on the other side. Not only will it get rid of damp, mould and mites, but fragrant beauty will return to your bedroom.

Wash your duvet and pillows twice a year, or so. For once, tumble-drying really is the better option; after washing, add a couple of tennis balls into the drier so they bounce around and fluff your duvet and pillows.

Looking after your bed is about as important as looking after yourself, or your car. Make sure bed bugs, mites and moulds don’t make it into your bed.

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