Get years more out of your investment: if you properly care for your carpet, it will last much longer, saving you money in the long run. Check out these carpet cleaning tips for the best results.

A Quality Carpet’s Mark

Checking the density of carpet by bending the carpet sample backward is one approach to verifying its quality. If you can see the backing, the carpet is low-density and low-quality, and it will crush more quickly.

Use the Vacuum Properly

Cleaning is the most effective technique to extend the life of your carpet and avoid the high cost of replacement. Vacuum the entrances and high-traffic areas twice a week, and the remainder of the carpeting once a week at the very least.

Set the height correctly for the best results. Raise it to the highest level, turn it on, and then decrease it till you can feel the vacuum attempting to pull itself forward. Slow down. It is OK to make a single swift pass over low-traffic regions, but two sluggish passes over high-traffic zones. Also, begin with a clean filter. A clogged bag or filter lowers the cleaning power of your vacuum. Filters in bagless vacuums should be replaced every three months. When the vacuum bags are three-quarters full, replace them.

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Arlington TX

Professional hot-water extraction is the principal cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers for synthetic carpets. The ideal approach is to call a professional every year or two and clean the carpet between professional cleanings. Here are some employment suggestions:

Hire a professional that uses truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment rather than portable steam cleaning equipment. Outside, truck-mounted machinery exhausts the unclean air and humidity. Its increased suction also keeps carpets dryer.

Request a high-pressure rinse. This agitates the pile and neutralizes the pH of the carpet.

After cleaning, request that the professional place the furniture on blocks or pads. This keeps stains from spreading from furniture legs to damp carpet.

As part of a regular cleaning package, make sure the quote covers everything, such as furniture moving, vacuuming (some charge extra for this), routine spot removal, preconditioning, and deodorizing.

Renting Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Rented carpet cleaning equipment just cannot compete with professional equipment and know-how. An excellent method is to alternate between professional and do-it-yourself cleaning.

Maintain a Coarse Doormat Outside the Door.

To eliminate soil, place a coarse-textured mat outside your entrance. Eighty-five percent of the dirt in a home is brought in on shoes! A doormat can help prevent this. Encourage everyone to remove their shoes upon entering the house.