Christmas will have creeped up on us once more in a few weeks, and the family will be ready to meet at your home, eager to unwrap gifts, share a Christmas dinner, and sit cozily in front of the TV. So, why not go the additional mile this year to ensure that the family is in a clean, fresh, and comfortable environment? Here are five reasons why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned before the holidays.

1. A safe environment for pets and children

When a carpet becomes dirty, believe it or not, a soiled appearance is the least of your concerns. The quantity of dust-mites, germs, and bacteria grows as the amount of soil and dust increases.

And, while these little house guests are usually imperceptible to the naked eye, they can be quite dangerous to you, your pets, and your children. These little devils are especially problematic for allergy patients and those suffering from conditions such as asthma. Dust-mites can lay up to 80 eggs at a time, so keep their favorite filthy habitat as clean as possible to keep them out.

2. Carpets that are clean and odorless

We want the family to feel at ease and settled when we host Christmas. This is much easier to accomplish when the carpet is clean, soft, and smells good. You may vacuum frequently, but carpets may absorb odors from dirt, spills, and, yes, feet, over time.

The wet scent of feet on Christmas Day just doesn’t match the anticipation of fresh mince pies and mistletoe, which takes us to reason number three…

3. A clean environment literally lifts one’s spirits.

When Christmas Day approaches, so does the family, full of Christmas cheer. Without a doubt, when we think of Christmas, we envision ourselves sitting in a warm, cozy environment, soaking in the aroma of the Christmas tree and candles that surround us. We don’t picture ourselves sitting on a dreary, dark, and filthy carpet that smells like damp feet.

A tidy home has the same effect as a clean workplace in terms of improving employee morale and productivity. With their feet resting on a bright, spongey carpet, family members may relax and feel at ease, rather than looking for an excuse to leave early and complain about the state of your carpet on the way home.

4. Carpets that last longer

Carpets aren’t exactly inexpensive, as most of us can attest. They are, in fact, quite expensive, which is reason enough to want to get the most out of your investment and have your carpets last longer.

When you vacuum, the vacuum does not pick up all of the dirt. A lot of dirt is tracked into the carpet, becoming lodged among the fibers and out of reach of the vacuum. This dirt solidifies quickly, forming a layer of stiff grit beneath the carpet’s surface. This not only causes a darker, duller appearance, but it also causes damage. As the carpet is regularly trampled on, the dirt grinds away at the deep fibers, causing matting and thinning of the carpet’s fibers. As a result, having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months is an excellent idea.

5. Removes stains and blotches from Christmas photographs

Spillages occur, especially in a family household with children and/or pets. And, while most spills are quite easy to remove, there is the occasional stain that refuses to go. Whether it’s red wine, coffee, blackcurrant, or something worse, it won’t look good in the Christmas photos taken while the youngsters open their gifts.

As you’ve certainly noticed, store-bought stain cleaning treatments aren’t always as effective as they appear. A qualified technician, on the other hand, can quickly remove even the most stubborn stains by using a comprehensive carpet cleaning procedure and specialized carpet cleaning equipment.